Stress and your Well-being II

good grief

Vampires are known for their clandestine attacks upon unsuspecting people. I choose the word Emotional Vampires because there are elements in our society be they human beings or environmental toxins that are sucking life’s energy out of so many of us. These elements are often either invisible to us, avoided by us on a subconscious level of self-protection; and /or fear of change. There are also some of these elements that seem to be forced upon us. They could be either human or environmental because we feel we have no choice, for example GMO foods. In any case, over time they cause stress and illness.
Avoiding stress is difficult for most of us since our modern world has made stress an inherent part of life. Stress begins in early childhood and never lets up throughout our linear lifeline. So, it is accepted on an unconscious level but not on a mental and physical health level. For instance, a female child may start to learn very early that it is her responsibility to become a caretaker, (and sometimes an enabler). She watches her mother do this and is given certain responsibilities that enforce this behavior until it becomes her life style. Then as a mature woman when anything goes wrong in the household she may believe it is her fault, whether this is true or not. This creates stress, also because the woman is often trying to make everyone content and many times she is also the buffer between members of the family who have conflicts..A male child  as a toddler is cuddled when he falls. But then at a 4-5 year level if he falls and cries he is told big boys do not cry which up to this point was rewarded with caresses. So he has a double message implanted in his head. He is also told that he should be kind to others. He also may be told to watch his back for manipulating people (emotional vampires) and not to trust anyone: Another double message, which latter can cause relationship stresses.
Stress does not have to be from other people (who I call emotional vampires since they thrive on sucking out our emotions) but we are also getting toxic stress from our environment, such as mercury intoxication, from our foods and some vacinations, heavy metals such as aluminum and cadmium, arsenic,etc.. From these vampire affects we are more likely to get different cancers, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, cardiac diseases and hormonal dysfunctions. Obviously having a chronic dis-ease is another stress.How does all this relate to emotional vampires? It is important to know that the environment plays a big part from birth on that is often not considered by the average person and is often ignored by physicians as a source of stress. Then there are the many vampire organizations like the medical-pharmaceutical alliance and big corporations’ greed that affect hormonal well-being. In other words, this vampire effect does not always have to be one individual attacking another but our value system that invokes catastrophic poisoning to our immune and hormonal systems via the stress that we allow.

After 40 years of medicine and thousands of patients I am completely convinced that genetics may be a predisposition for some dis-eases; but in the majority of cases the pathology would stay dormant and not become overt until stress causes it to surface.

In my book: Emotional Vampires and Your Hormones: an holistic physician’s view of how stress affects your well – being and what we can do about it; I go much deeper into all the above topics.

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