The Antibiotic Controversy

antibiotic controversyHaving been in medicine more then 45 years of which 25 of these in Holistic Medicine. I find there are a few thoughts that are being disregarded on the topic of antibiotics by both healers and the general public.  As an holistic MD I am against the indiscriminate use of antibiotics as has been done in the past and still persists in the present despite all the AMA warnings, but at least to a significantly lesser degree . As a rational and past ER MD I know that “to throw the baby out with the bath water” is as narrow minded and dangerous as the allopathic physicians’ negative view of the use and consideration of alternative-complimentary medicine.

People that have experienced life threatening illnesses such as mesenteric gangrene, or a burst appendix, felon of the finger or sepsis, etc. have appreciation for the antibiotic use. There is a place for the emergent use of antibiotics but not their abuse as history has presented to us. A simple UTI can be handled with colloidal silver IV &/or mannitol; but as a learned MD I do not want to put the client at risk of the possible sequel of glomerulnephritis or pyelonephritis and therefore an avoidable hospital admission & the consequences of an iatrogenic infection (and hospital food). If I use an antibiotic I double the dose (AM &PM) of the probiotic while on it and keep the client on this for a minimum of 30 days after the antibiotic course. Hopefully my clients take a probiotic every day for all their life.

For 25 years I have been successful treating advanced infections with the IV use of colloidal silver &/or H202, &/or high dose Vitamin C. Always with discretion & discussion with the client. I rarely use antibiotics but as stated when I believe it is necessary I discuss this choice with the client and explain why I believe it is necessary. I use IV therapy with my holistic choices since many people have dysbiosis or leaky gut syndrome and will not absorb via treatments done orally. This way I know my alternative treatment is in their blood and going to the infection or inflamed pathology. I have for example used colloidal silver IV and H202 IV to cure the flu in12-36 hours. There is a place for all our knowledge in healing when used correctly. The treatment must fit the individual client and disease and not just be a standard textbook treatment.

I suggest to people that they have a list of questions for their physician-client interaction because so often people are intimidated or nervous and forget what they wanted to ask. The physician should take the time to explain the answers to the client and having a list should make this an easier task for the healer.

Yes, there could be side affects to any pharmaceutical but also to alternative-complimentary therapies. There are also side effects of any serious pathology like sepsis or neurocyticercosis (a parasitic infestation of the brain) when not being treated with antibiotics. The side effects without proper antibiotics of some terrible diseases is death or disability. There are so many illnesses and diseases with similar symptoms and signs that it takes a lot of education for an MD, DO or ND to learn what is called the differential diagnoses (DD), or at least to know where to look for them,  when to look for them and when to refer. The DD cannot be learned in a 1-2 year alternative course. There are long residencies so the physician can actually see these diseases and keep learning from other experts. Continuous education for licensed MDs, DOs and NDs is very stringent and monitored. After all this education I believe the healer is ready to make a decision whether to use and practice alternative-complimentary therapies or allopathic or both together. At least the previous education gives the choice and knowledge to the healer to discuss options with the client as a partnership.

Be aware that my statements in no way are my feelings of support for the big pharmaceutical conglomerates; their villainous prices in the USA (compared for the same pharmaceuticals in other countries), their ways of advertising both via the media and to physicians. My opinions are only my very long experience of learning in both fields of medicine. I feel It is the physician teaching the patient and the patient teaching the physician.

But “do not throw the baby out with the bath water.”

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