menopause compared to andropause (mens’ menopause

Symptoms of menopause compared to andropause (mens’ menopause)

Women                                                                                      Men

Anxiety                                                                                     Anxiety

Irritability                                                                                Irritability

Fatigue                                                                                    Fatigue

Loss of energy                                                                       Loss of energy

Poor concentration                                                              Poor concentration

Depression                                                                            Depression

Loss of muscle tone                                                             Loss of muscle tone

Decreased exercise tolerance                                            Decrease exercise tolerance                                                                                 tolerance

Prolonged recovery from exercise                                   Prolonged recovery  from exercise                                                                         from exercise

Little or no improvement with exercise                         Little or no improvement

Weight gain in spite of exercise                                      Weight gain in spite                                                                                       of exercise

Loss of memory                                                                 Loss of memory

Osteoporosis                                                                     Osteoporosis

Decreased                                                                          Decreased sexual  desire

Cardiac disease                                                                 Cardiac disease

Higher bad cholesterol                                                    Higher bad cholesterol

Hot flashes                                                                         Hot                                                                                     Some men get this

Night seats Night sweats                                                Some men get this

Prostate enlargement                                                     women don’t get this

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