Chronic Diseases, Degenerative Diseases, Anti-aging

Conventional medicine can be close to miraculous in dealing with acute illnesses, but it seems to fall short when problems are chronic. Integrative medicine seeks not only to cure the origin of illness, but also to hinder the advancement of dis-ease. We use mostly botanicals, supplements and alternative treatments to do this so that we do not create harmful side effects. We work with the individual to create a wellness program specific to their needs.

Chronic arthralgias, cardiac problems, pain management, repetitive urinary tract problems, memory loss, hormone replacement therapy for men and women and promotion of general good health are some examples of what can be helped with non-toxic intervention. We try to keep diagnostic tests to a minimum and work mostly by listening to the patient and using our six senses.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for both men and women is a proven anti-aging alternative. Many women have either too much estrogen compared to progesterone and/or too little testosterone. Men may also have too much estrogen compared to progesterone, and testosterone in men is critical to anti-aging in mind and body.

Testosterone is not only necessary for the gonads. It is necessary for both men and women. Research has proven that the most receptors for testosterone are n the heart muscle, and cardiologists throughout the world, including the US (since a lot of the research was done at Columbia’s Physician and Surgeon Institute) are using testosterone in the treatment of cardio pathologies. Testosterone also promotes the body’s own natural nitroglycerin, known as nitric oxide. Functional MRI (fMRI) testing has shown that testosterone is necessary for clear thinking and helps stop the “foggy brain” that often comes with aging. There is new evidence that testosterone may be a preventive factor in Alzheimer’s Disease and even slow down its progress in those who already have it. Testosterone has an anti-depressive effect, and is a key factor in the prevention and cure of osteoporosis.

Testing for these hormones will lead to the appropriate combination. Other life style changes and botanicals are explored to improve cognitive functions. There are many ways to age gracefully without growing old. Of course one is going to get older but that does not mean you have to age.