Emotional Vampires & Your Hormones

An Holistic Physician’s View on How Stress Affects Your Well-Being and What You Can Do About It.

I wrote this book because I want to share the simple truth about illness that I have learned in over three decades of medical practice—in a busy emergency department, in a general practice clinic, and ultimately as an holistic physician in private practice. The simple truth is this: most illness is either caused by or exacerbated by the stressful lives we lead. Emotional Vampires and Your Hormones: an holistic physician’s view of how stress affects your well-being and what you can do about it shows how “emotional vampires”—people, events, memories, environmental toxins, pace of life, and other elements of our current way of living—create abnormal levels of stress that literally suck the life energy out of us.
Emotional Vampires offers the layperson a basic understanding of how stress affects the adrenal glands, which in turn affect many other hormones: testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, aldosterone (that controls blood pressure), and the cortisol-liver-insulin axis.

The stress response evolved to ready the body to fight or flee in a time when the major stressors were dangerous wild animals, and was designed to be short term. The physical activity of fighting or fleeing was the body’s signal to return to a normal resting state. Today we live with chronic stress that overworks the adrenal gland and keeps the body’s systems on high alert, and in time the body exhausts itself.

In easily understood language and diagrams, Emotional Vampires:

  • Demonstrates how the abnormal cortisol production by the adrenal glands leads to diabetes, the metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, weight gain and the inability to lose weight, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalance and many other dis-eases
  • Debunks many of the myths associated with cholesterol, testosterone and statin pharmaceuticals
  • Lists the tests that I believe are most helpful and appropriate and shows how to interpret the results outside the box

The good news, of course, is that it is within the power of each of us to make choices that will improve our health and wellbeing. Emotional Vampires also offers a step-by-step guide for improved health, vitality, strength, and happiness.

Thank you for locating me; I hope that Emotional Vampires will be a helpful tool in your quest for good health.

I wish you and your book great success and hope it helps the many people it was written for. Writing a book like yours can only be written by a person with years of experience and time to put things together with deep understanding. Thanks a lot for the contributions you have made in the past and for your book that can allow others to perpetually know what you have learned and now share.
— James Wilson DC, ND, PhD, Author of Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome.

In medicine the human element of the healing encounter – the meaningful interaction between practitioner and patient – is often lost in the race to complete a prescription. Dr. Sault provides a unique opportunity t feel embraced by his knowledge and care in the simple process of reading his book. The author takes you on a journey that provides insight and hope for people looking for an explanation of their own health disturbances based on excellent narrative and scientific background.
People respond to health interventions when they receive an explanation that makes sense to them, can feel safety in the presence of aid or the expression of care and concern, experience an intervention they expect will resolve the problem as they understand it and gains skills and knowledge that allows control of mastery over the experience. Dr Sault’s book provides ample opportunity for all of these key elements, it is one not (to) be put down.
— Michael Ash DO, ND, Bsc., NT.

Dr. Sault, clearly a very thoughtful and compassionate physician, provides the reader with a very strong and thorough grounding in understanding the pervasive effects of hidden stresses on the mind-body; I will highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for the keys to good health: You will find many of them are here, and presented in an elegant blend of mind-body-spirit medicine.
— Dr. Robert Hedaya, MD DFAPA, Author of The Antidepressant Survival Guide.

Stress is an elusive symptom to objectively identify but Dr. Sault does a great job. The hormonal axis and its role in stress and how it affects the body is dealt with in the form o9f diagrams and didactics that are understandable. He then offers alternative treatment(s) with explanations and references both for and against the various therapies, both allopathic and holistic.