Medical Myths Put To Rest and Health Restored

There are many untruths propagated either by traditional medicine or by the influences of for-profit pharmaceutical companies.

I’m Dr. Sault, MD. I have created this site to present to you my “holistic second opinion”. Here on my site I hope to provide you with a valid second opinion on treatments available that are complimentary – holistic, healing for your mind, body, and spirit. I always keep in mind that each person is an individual and should be medically treated as an individual.

All my facts are evidence based or collected from my 37 years as a practicing physician. My medical practice includes traditional medicine when necessary, alternative and complementary- holistic treatments.

Finally you will get answers to why;

  • you are not getting better
  • you get sick so often or have chronic dis-eases
  • cannot lose weight no matter what you try
  • stress effects your well-being and how to alleviate stress
  • I also present in layman’s terms why a person becomes sexually inert

The purpose of this website is to give you a holistic view —also termed wholistic by some— of medicine and why stress is the main culprit of disease. My belief of mind-body-spirit medicine is brought into focus as well as how to interpret blood tests out of the box and which tests you really need for an accurate diagnosis. A holistic second opinion.

This site is for everyone interested in complementary-holistic medicine, anti-aging, weight-loss, bio-identical hormone therapy, and chronic illnesses.

Please browse the articles, the FAQ, or contact me with your questions about holistic solutions to your medical concerns.